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  Scalina develops revolutionary Anti-Cellulite-Shapewear


Scala is one of many brands within the Brazilian Scalina Group. Founded in 1963 the business has grown to become a leader in the fashion industry today. Scala and Trifil are among the world's foremost manufacturers of pantyhose, leggings, tights, lingerie and slimming shapewear garments.

The company generates sales of over $400 million a year
and is 51% owned by U.S. investment group Carlyle Group.
The Carlyle Group has an annual turnover of 90 billion dollars.

Scalina Group is well known for its uncompromising, innovative design and quality materials, which can be seen throughout the exclusive range of lingerie products. 


Two of the most successful brands of the Scalina Group are Scala and Trifil.


Scala is the only manufacturer worldwide, of garments with integrated bio-ceramic-crystals. Scala’s revolutionary shapewear garments not only slim your silhouette but would also succeed in reducing cellulite - without the use of creams or other treatments. The result is a line of lingerie which allows you to fight cellulite with no need to change lifestyle or diet to succeed.


This technology of woven ceramic active bio-crystals is called BIOFIR (Bio Far Infra Red Rays).

The Scalina Group holds several patents, including the function of integrated bio-crystals BIOFIR



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