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How it Works


Patented technology – at the core of our Shapewear 

The illustration on the right shows how the process works:

  1. The smallest blood vessels (capillaries) are compressed by surrounding fat cells, reducing blood flow to the skin. Reduced blood flow and oxygenation results in fewer new cells and that waste such as dead cells, fluids, excess nutrients in the form of proteins and fat is not efficiently discarded through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. This residual waste shows up as cellulite.
  2. The bio-crystals integrated into the yarn emit harmless Far Infrared Rays improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  3. The blood and lymph vessels dilate. Cell metabolism and oxygenation is stimulated, reducing the number of fat cells. The remaining waste products are naturally discarded through the bloodstream and lymphatic system resulting in less cellulite and firmer, healthier skin.


Bio-ceramic crystals integrated in the fabric.
The bio-ceramic crystals are embedded in the inner threads of the yarn and are never in contact with the skin. For this reason they never wash out and the garment's special anti-cellulite slimming properties never diminish. You can’t physically feel the millions of bio-ceramic crystals – the fabric simply feels like somewhat heavier hosiery knit.

The bio-ceramic crystals emit a harmless infrared light
, which stimulates the skin, blood flow and oxygenation - a prerequisite for the reduction of cellulite and fat deposits.


What are bio-ceramic crystals?
It’s long been known that precious stones and crystals emit infrared light at various wavelengths. These days, crystals can be artificially produced, making them suitable for medical purposes. The bio-ceramic crystals are embedded in the synthetic yarn, used to weave our special fabric.

The materials used in our fabrics are approved and certified by the Confidence in textiles - Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 institute. 

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